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eHub Software delivers a standalone, scalable and cost-effective e-procurement solution for enterprise to streamline their purchasing processes, increase efficiency and reduce procurement-related costs. With eHub Software software, purchasing officers build a Private Purchase Portal (PPP), which serves as a one-stop procurement source for all approved suppliers and supports existing purchasing methods including RFQ/RFP/Reverse Auction, catalog and off-catalog based purchasing. As part of eHub Software services, buyer’s PPP can reach to a large supplier network managed by eHub Software under buyer’s selection.


1. Sourcing

  • Automated RFQ/RFP/RFI/Reverse Auction
  • Vendor self-management of profiles and biding online
  • Keyword search from private catalogs, contracts and inventories
  • Control vendor selection between private vendors and extended vendors hosted by eHub Software 
  • Searching and comparing 6 millions government contract items, especially technology products, with pricing and supplier contacts 
  • Locating 250,000 vendor profiles that are classified into 7,200 detailed classes
  • Researching 22,000 RFP/RFI/RFQ sample documents.

2. Purchasing Management 

  • Award bids with intelligent comparison algorithm
  • Direct ordering to suppliers via online, email, or fax
  • Online shopping at vendor websites
  • Online document and notes exchange
  • Status tracking
  • Approval workflow with multi-level approvers
  • Receiving 
  • Reports for strategic procurement
  • Full audit trail to comply with your organization's regulations

3. Contract Management

  • Save and retrieve contract documents online
  • Keyword search
  • Price comparison
  • Release blanket orders 

4. Hosted Solutions (optional)

  • Quick deployment in ONE day
  • No impact to internal IT systems
  • Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryption
Benefits Top
Reduced Cost of Goods and Services Top
  • Automated purchase approval and sourcing control reduce maverick purchases by more than two-thirds, which can lower costs by 14% to 40% (AMR Research)
  • Efficient sourcing allows reduction of the dollar threshold used for RFQs and enables more low-dollar purchases to go through competitive bid process for best pricing with same purchasing staff.
  • Sourcing automation allows consideration of larger number of quotes
  • Larger supplier base at the eHub Software supplier network increases pricing competition 
  • Improved purchasing efficiency frees buyers from daily paper work, and allows focus on strategic sourcing to negotiate better contracts.
  • Just-in-time purchasing reduces inventory 
Reduced purchasing cycle time  Top
  • Typical cycle reduction ― 2 to 3 weeks of purchase cycle reduced to 2 to 3 days 
  • Streamlined purchasing cycle allows more strategic focus and less error recycling
  • Automated sourcing matches a bid against thousands of suppliers in seconds
  • Email notification and 24 x 7 Internet access speed up supplier bidding process
  • Suppliers acknowledge awards online as soon as bids are awarded
  • Online approval system allowing approval from anywhere at anytime shortens the approval process from days to hours
  • Online search against private contracts and inventories completes a sourcing process in minutes
Improved Control over the Purchasing Process Top
  • Controlled sourcing resources: private or extended supplier base, contracts and inventory
  • Complete audit trail from issue bids to award contracts
  • Online approval process
Deployment Top
Deployment of the eHub Software e-procurement solution is straightforward. Only an Internet browser is required for users to access the system. All users will be given User ID’s and passwords to access the eHub Software application. Users are provided with a 1-hour training session, including the opportunity for hands-on experience with the various system functions and screens.

Next, approval rules and workflow will be established in the system to reflect current practice. This permits proposed actions to be approved using electronic notification. This step is optional.

Register existing vendor profiles. This may take a few hours to a few weeks depending on the number of vendors and availability of information for the profiles. Expansion and contraction of the vendor database is an ongoing task. Accuracy of the information is key to streamlining buyer/supplier communications.
Architecture Top
eHub Software is built on robust technology using object-oriented design, multi-tier architecture, XML, Extranet and Secured Socket Layer (SSL). Its patent pending technology on integrating its e-procurement system with any supplier shopping websites, without technical assistance from suppliers, dramatically reduces cost of enabling suppliers and expedites the integration from months to days. 

The underlying Procurement Management Engine in the eHub Software system manages all messages that instantly flow from buyers to approvers to suppliers. Approved requisitions are immediately sent to suppliers who in turn bid or fulfill. All trading parties involved work under a single secured system via the Internet at anytime from anywhere. Rules-based access allows users with different roles to access only relevant functions, thus preserving organizational policy and ease of use. 

Using eHub Software, all purchasing related tools: sourcing, purchasing management, contract management, and inventory management are under one system, and online.

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